• Laravel Custom Validation – mp3, ogg extension files only

    I know what you are thinking. You are thinking what’s even the need of this topic. I mean sure with Laravel’s in-built Validator class, validation at server side has become easier as ever. But, Laravel’s validation class does screw from time to time and then you have to resort to some custom solution, like I … Read More

  • Import Data Into MySQL From Excel File Using PHPExcel

    Although rare, but there might come a case when you might have to ask someone to upload an excel file and use it’s data for storage purposes. Most of the times you’ll get a request for exporting data into an excel file and we’ll get there in the next post. But for now, let’s just … Read More

  • Recursive Function – Practical Application Example

    A recursive function has many definitions but at it’s core all it means is that it’s a function which calls itself over and over again and usually is stopped when a certain condition is met. A great example of this is when you need to find a factorial of a number. As a factorial of … Read More

  • Xampp-index screenshot

    The Awesome XAMPP Index Fix

    So, recently when I was working with my friend Naveen, we both found out that we¬†shared the feeling of¬†annoyance caused by the default action of XAMPP when accessed through typing localhost or PC name in the address bar. The default action is to open the phpMyadmin console. So, every time we had to access a … Read More

  • How to create a simple CRUD app in Code Igniter

    Code Igniter is a simple and easy to use framework for PHP. If you are looking for a PHP framework to start with, to know how the MVC model or the basic functionality of a framework in general work, Code Igniter or CI is the perfect one for you. It has a lot of community … Read More