• Calendar Settings

    How to include your schedule/agenda in the sidebar widget using Google Calendar

    Many people come across this requirement of letting people know where and when they would be available. It could be any developer / freelancer, a simple travel blogger or any institute/organisation which just want to share its events schedule online. It could be for any reason, and with Google calendar its actually very easy to do … Read More

  • Visual / Text

    How to share PowerPoint presentations in WordPress

    Recently, a friend of mine inquired what is the best way to share PowerPoint presentations on his WordPress blog: nikhildbasavvy.wordpress.com? Well, this is not as easy as it sounds but not as difficult as one thinks too. First thing to keep in mind is that since wordpressyou need to have WordPress installed on your server or … Read More

  • How to ask anything from God using only core PHP

    Okay! I admit, the title may seem misleading to some but you’ll soon see my point of view. You see, Einstein once said, “God doesn’t play dice.”. Although, he said this to express his views on quantum mechanics, but what he meant was that it doesn’t matter how unpredictable or random anything seems to us, but … Read More

  • Form Output

    How to create a simple image upload form using PHP and MySQL

    In this article I’m going to show how one can create a simple image upload form for their website using just PHP (procedural) and MySQL. First we have to create a simple form, which will be the user interface i.e. where the user /admin can browse and select the image that he/she wishes to upload. … Read More