I have around 5+ years of experience in (php) software development. Created real-time web applications, complex front-end and back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce, customer relations and communication interfaces. The projects based on PHP in conjunction with various other web development technologies. PHP (pure PHP (procedural), PHP with OOPS, PHP with frameworks: Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter), CMS Joomla, WordPress (with WooCommerce and MemberPress plugin), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL), JavaScript (generic JavaScript), JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX, HTML, CSS are used. Designed layouts and templates for various small companies and individuals.

I have worked in the following Areas:

  • real-time web applications
  • dynamic content applications
  • internet marketing
  • database applications
  • e-commerce applications
  • content management systems
  • file upload/download management systems

Before starting my career as a PHP web application and website developer, I have worked as a freelance Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Internet Research Executive and on many other projects related to Photoshop, Google Earth, MS Excel etc, taking my total work experience to a minimum of 10 years, which also has helped me broaden my approach to new and latest technological advancements in all fields of Information Technology.

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